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Automatic storage rack

Automatic storage rack

Storage rack built from Alux 4080 profiles

Aluxprofile.nl designed a storage rack for this project, built from Alux 4080 aluminium profiles. The storage rack is 5 meters high and 2.4 meters wide. The profiles are connected to each other with automatic connectors.


Alux aluminum construction profiles are ideally suited for (industrial) automation. Several linear actuators designed by Alux were used for this project. These use timing belts and timing belt wheels. The toothed belt runs through the 4080 profile and over the 4080 profile, a linear guide is moved over the profile by the toothed belt.

This linear actuator has already proven itself in several industrial automation projects and can be ordered via Aluxprofile.nl.


The automatic storage rack is just one of the solutions Aluxprofile.nl supplies. In addition to the standard profiles and connectors, Alux likes to think along with you to successfully realize your project!