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We care about your privacy and we want you to feel comfortable when using our services. That’s why below we have gathered the most important information about processing your personal data and the cookies that are used by our Store. This information has been prepared taking into account the GDRP, the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC, OJEU 2018.127.2, consolidated text).

Section 1


  1. This Privacy Policy applies to the online store https://www.aluxprofile.com , hereinafter referred to as “Store”.
  2. The Controller of your personal data is:

Kennard Piereij, entrepreneur conducting economic activity under the business name: Alux Profile Sp. z o.o., Taxpayer Identification Number: PL7941831978, Jawornik Polski 234, 37-232 Jawornik Polski, Poland.

  1. For all matters concerning the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights in relation to data processing, you may contact the Data Controller:
  1. per E-mail to: info@aluxprofile.pl
  2. in writing to: Jawornik Polski 234, 37-232 Jawornik Polski, Poland

Section 2


  1. If you intend to set up the User Account and use the Store's services, you will be asked to provide your personal data.
  2. You are not obligated to do so, however the Store needs it to provide its service to you. If you decide not to provide your personal data, the Store will not be able to provide its services to you. 
  3. The Store collects information on its users and their behaviour by:
  1. evaluating the data voluntarily entered by the users in the forms of the Online Store;
  2. by storing cookies on user’s devices.

Section 3


  1. The Online Store processes the following types of personal data:
  1. First and last name;
  2. User’s address or the address for the delivers of goods;
  3. Telephone number;
  4. E-mail address;
  5. Bank account number;
  6. Company name (of an entrepreneur) and Tax Identification Number (or REGON No.);
  7. User’s purchasing preferences.
  1. We do not process sensitive personal data (biometrics, information on health, race, religion, etc.).
  2. The Online Store uses your personal data to:
  1. Provide its services;
  2. Complete orders;
  3. Present the Store’s product range;
  4. Adapt its products to the user’s needs;
  5. Send the newsletter;
  6. Process messages sent via the contact form;
  7. Support web chats;
  8. Apply direct marketing;
  9. Analyse data in order to design adapt promotional activities to its own products and services;
  10. Comply with the Administrator’s right and duties.
  1. Your personal data will not be made available to third parties or other entities, unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy. Your personal dat will not be shared with third parties or other entities. We do not provide any promotional services to third parties unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy.

Section 4


  1. If a sales contract is concluded – your personal data will processed according to that sales contract (i.e. Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR).
  2. If the Controller of the personal data is under a legal obligation (e.g. with regard to accounting) – your personal data will be processed according to the applicable law (Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR).
  3. If you consented to your personal data being processed – your personal data will be processed according to that consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR).
  4. Otherwise the legal basis is the legitimate interest of the Online Store according to its business activities (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).

Section 5


  1. With regard to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to:
  1. Close your User Account by yourself by initiating the account closing procedure;
  2. Delete your data without giving a reason (in some cases this may result in your User Account being closed);
  3. Object to the processing of all of your personal data or its part or for the indicated purpose;
  4. Restrict the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time or within a certain scope;
  5. Correct or rectify your personal data (by logging into your User Account);
  6. Revoke your consent to receive our newsletter;
  7. Transfer your personal data in our possession to another entity;
  8. Obtain information on the processing of your personal data;
  9. Lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority for personal data: President of the Polish Personal Data Protection Office (Polish: Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych), ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw.
  1. Any request you may make or any rights you may exercises will not affect the actions we have taken. Information on the implementation of your request will be provided within one month from the request at the latest.
  2. We store your transaction data for as long as required by tax laws or to safeguard the Controller's interests by collecting evidence with regard to complaints accepted and goods returned. If you decide to delete your personal data we will still process your data to the extent indicated.

Section 6


  1. Your personal data will not processed by the Personal Data Controller for any longer than necessary.
  2. We will process your personal data only for as long as we are entitled to do so, that is:
  1. Until we are no longer required by law to process your data;
  2. As soon as it will not be possible to establish, assert or defend any claims with regard to the sales contract concluded by the Online Store;
  3. Once you revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data (if we have processed your data based on your consent);
  4. Once we accept your objection to the processing of your personal data – if your personal data are processed based on the legitimate interest of the Personal Data Controller.

Section 7


  1. When you log into your User Account or enter your personal date the data transmission is protected (with an SSL certificate). This ensures that the personal data and login information is encrypted on the user's computer and may only be read on the target server.
  2. Our Online Store changes its administrative passwords periodically.
  3. All software used by the Online Store to process personal data of its users is updated regularly, which is particularly important to provide levels of data protection.
  4. Our Online Store does not send out any communication, including E-mail, prompting the users to submit their login credentials, especially the password necessary to access the User Account.

Section 8


  1. In certain situations, our Online Store may be permitted to transfer your personal data to other recipients if this is necessary to perform the sales contract we concluded with you or to fulfil the obligations of the Personal Data Controller.
  2. The personal data may be processed by the following groups of recipients:
  1. Authorized employees who use the data to keep the Online Store operational;
  2. Persons cooperating with the Online Store under civil law contracts, supporting our ongoing activities;
  3. Companies providing marketing services to the Online Store;
  4. Suppliers of software required for the operation of the Online Store;
  5. Carriers (courier companies, forwarders);
  6. Providers of online payment solutions;
  7. Company in charge of optimizing the Online Store;
  8. Providers of software to facilitate our business operations (e.g., accounting solutions);
  9. Companies providing technical support;
  10. E-mail system providers;
  11. Providers of marketing services;
  12. Providers of statistical services.
  1. Where justified your personal data may also be transmitted to regulatory bodies, law enforcement bodies, enforcement agencies and other public authorities under statutory requirements.

Section 9


  1. As the Personal Data Controller uses tools to support its day-to-day operations (provided, for example, by Google), your personal data may be transferred to a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), in particular to the United States of America (USA) or another country in which an entity cooperating with the Personal Data Controller has its tools for processing personal data.
  2. Adequate safeguarding of personal data processed outside the EEA is guaranteed under agreements for personal data processing by external entities according to standard contractual clauses that meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Section 10


With regard to you the Personal Data Controller may take actions involving Automated decision-making (ADM), including profiling, in order to provide services under any sales agreement concluded and for the purpose of direct marketing.

Section 11


  1. The Online Store may save information on the Internet connection (time stamp, IP address).
  2. In some cases the Online Store may store information to help associate the data in the form with the E-mail address of the user who filled in the form. Then, the user's E-mail address will make part of the URL address of the web page with the form.
  3. The data in the form will be processed according to the purpose of the specific form, e.g. to process a request for service or a sales contact, etc. The context and description of the form will clearly advise its user of its purpose.

Section 12


  1. The Online Store uses website traffic analysis. Only anonymised information, not personal data, will be transmitted to external providers of such services that store cookies on the user's device.
  2. The Online Store uses remarketing techniques to match advertising messages to the user's behaviour on the website, which may lead to an impression that personal data is used to track the users, however no personal data is actually transferred from the Online Store to advertising operators. The user must first enable cookies.
  3. The operator uses the “pixel tracking”. This technology ensures that a social network knows that a person registered using that social network uses the Online Store. In this case, the social network uses the data for which it is responsible as its Controller. The Online Store does not provide any social network with any additional personal data. The service uses cookies that are stored on the user´s device.

Section 13


  1. The Online Store uses cookies.
  2. They are IT data (small text files) sent by a server and stored on the end device of the Online Store’s user (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet). 
  3. The use of cookies is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the Online Store (e.g. features such as logging in, storing a shopping cart, processing electronic payments or placing orders).
  4. The Online Store also uses technologies that store data on the end device (cookies) for analytical and marketing purposes.
  5. The Online Store may also employ features similar to cookies (e.g. local storage). The information presented in this Privacy Policy also applies to those technologies.
  6. The Online Store uses two main types of cookies: “session” and “persistent”.
  7. Session cookies are temporary files that identify the user during an ongoing visit to the website. For example, they enable the user to log into an User´s Account securely. Session cookies are stored in the ephemeral storage, instead of the persistent storage (e.g. hard drive). Session cookies are automatically deleted once you close your browser.
  8. “Persistent” cookies are files with a specific expiry time. They are stored on the user's end device for the time specified in a cookies or until they are deleted by the user. They make the use of frequently visited sites more user-friendly (e.g. storing the selected Online Store location and language).
  9. Cookies can also be divided according to the purpose of the information stored in the cookies:
  1. Cookies necessary for the operation of the service – these are usually session cookies (e.g. for logging into the User´s Account, handling the shopping cart or completing the purchase process);
  2. Analytical and diagnostic cookies – those cookies allow us to count the number of visits to the Store, interest in a particular product group, popularity of pages visited or preferences with regard to the content presented (because of them we can prepare the best offer for our customers and measure its quality and efficiency of the Store);
  3. Marketing cookies – used to ensure that advertising content is of high quality and tailored to preferences of the user and by our partners (to prevent you from seeing the same promotions, products or other information repeatedly).
  1. The web browser usually enables the storage of cookies on the user's end device by default. The users of the Online Store may change their settings accordingly. The web browser enables its users to delete cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. For details, please refer to the assistance or documentation section of the Internet browser you are using.
  2. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the features available on the Online Store´s website. By using the Online Store´s website, you accept that cookies will be installed on your end device to enable us to provide our services. Failure to consent to cookies storage means that certain features of the Online Store’s website may not be available.

Section 14


Services and features of the Online Store are subject to change. This means that in the future we may make amendments to the Privacy Policy. A new version of this document will be announced on the Online Store’s website.

Last Update of the Privacy Policy – 2023 July 3rd.