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Normally, the items that can be ordered on the webshop are in stock. Because the quantities that are ordered can fluctuate strongly, it is possible that a product is no longer in stock.

If a product is not in stock, this is clearly stated with the product. It can take some time before a product is back in stock, sign up for the "Keep me informed" email list and you will be notified as soon as the item is in stock.

An item that is not in stock can be placed in the shop and also ordered. Please note that we do not send partial orders. Your order will be processed by us with the items that are in stock, and as soon as the missing parts are back in stock, your order will be sent complete. If you do not want to wait for a product to be back in stock, do not order it with an order that you already need.

In some cases it can take a few weeks before a product is back in stock, although we try to prevent this as much as possible.