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Due to the fluctuating raw material prices and transport costs, the prices for the aluminum profiles on the website may fall and rise. Unfortunately, prices have risen enormously in recent times. When we started the webshop in February 2019, the raw material cost €1.67 per kilo. In March 2022, aluminum will cost €3.66 per kilo. In addition, that is only the price for raw aluminum billets, the final product (extrusion profiles) costs more, especially now that the prices of gas and electricity are rising. A 4040 profile then cost €7.43 per meter and now €13.49 per meter. Our margins have become smaller so we can absorb some of the price increases for our customers, but of course not all. For the time being, there seems to be no end in sight to the price increases, this also means that the prices for profiles in our webshop will continue to rise. The current exchange prices for aluminum can be viewed here: